Secret Walks and Side Effects


Many thanks to for your kind messages, cards and presents. In answer to some frequently-asked questions: yes, I do still need to switch the lights on at night because no, I don’t glow in the dark, I can’t charge up my phone and unfortunately I haven’t developed any super-powers!

Ten Days Since RAI:  Here are listed – official – (and unlisted) side effects, with personal comments:
1. NAUSEA: Yes, on day one, because I gobbled far too many sour sweets in
order to ‘stimulate salivary glands’ thus preventing side effect 2…
2. DRY MOUTH AND TASTE CHANGES: Yes, though as suggested, I drank vast amounts of water to flush the radioactivity through my system. I don’t think I gave
my mouth time to dry out. Seriously, still noticeably dry (bring on more sweets!).
3. SWOLLEN SALIVARY GLANDS OR BURNING IN NECK: From days one to three, I had a burning sensation in my stomach, like I’d just eaten very spicy food. Clearly I need to give my gut flora some TLC, following its scorched-earth treatment.
4. DRY OR WATERY EYES: Yes, from day seven, my eyes have been dry, scratchy and I can’t produce tears. I dislike this very much. This is the ‘secret’ side-effect I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for, absent from my NHS list because apparently it only affects a small number of people. (Thanks Dr Google for filling in the gaps.) Are there any other side effects I should know about? Anyway – I’m using eye-drops, and am newly in awe of those who manage these daily. As soon as I take my glasses off, accuracy becomes approximate, and drops sliding around my face near my eyes make it look like I’ve been crying. Thankfully some find the target.

In other news, the writing on my sticky, sweaty nuclear medicine tag faded with every shower, so, with great relief, I’ve cut it off and now carry it with me when I
leave the house. Just in case I step under a bus… I can tell I currently remain hyperthyroid because I still wake up with a start: the thyroid adrenaline-rush which other sufferers will recognise.

Otherwise, so far, so good. I’ve loved my quarantine which ends soon. I’ve read several books, written and edited thousands of words, (click here to find out which books and which words!) been out secretwalking every day, watched films which I normally consider too time-consuming, listened to music, pottered in the garden and have enjoyed the wonderful November sunshine we’ve been treated with. Is every Autumn as beautiful as this, or have I only had time and energy to notice this year?



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