How it Started

Almost a year ago today (21st October 2018), I realised my Graves Disease had come back with a vengeance, after my original diagnosis in March 2014, and after three drug-free years in remission. I’ve been taking an anti-thyroid drug called carbimazole for the last year, which pretty much controls my symptoms (yes, everything on the list!) but without which my thyroid is still hyperactive. I’m not going to discuss all the medical pros and cons of various options here, because it’s doubtless different for everyone going through it, but I have reached the point where remaining on carbimazole is not going to be good for my health.

The path I am taking is to have Radio Active Iodine treatment treatment in November 2018, and I plan to blog throughout, both as a record for me (I process things better through writing about them) and as anecdotal information for anyone else going through the same process.

I chose the butterfly photo because the thyroid gland is shaped a little like a butterfly, and it’s a frequently-used image and symbol for thyroid problems.



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